Every organization has distinctly different design and engineering needs. The Composite Prototyping Center can provide capabilities commensurate with organizational requirements for a broad spectrum of applications as well as for companies seeking to expand their portfolios in composite structures. Our solutions are competitive and cost effective.

CPC engineering and technical capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive detail and prototype design
  • Prototype fabrication
  • Structural analysis including FEA
  • Optimization
  • Engineering validation
  • Verification of composite structures

Our Engineering Team: Experienced, Committed Professionals

Our Engineering team utilizes state of the art tools, such as CATIA and PRO-E 3D Modeling, Composite Ply definitions and Nesting, NASTRAN and ANSYS Finite Element Modeling Analysis (FEMA) and techniques.

  • Highly knowledgeable seasoned engineers
  • Many years of hands on experience
  • Fully committed to providing first class engineering design and support with
  • Lead new designs from inception to fruition
  • Supervise and promote success as a virtual extension of OEM and/or first tier suppliers.

Depth Of Support:

Broad range of materials/processes, structural configurations/designs, analysis, optimization, verification and fabrication disciplines:

  1. Thermoset and Thermoplastic in-situ designs
  2. Pre-preg Composite Structure
  3. Automated Fiber and Tape Placement (AFP/ATP)
  4. Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)
  5. Vacuum assist Resin Transfer Molding (VaRTM)
  6. Filament Winding
  7. Compression Molding
  8. 3D Printing for rapid prototyping
  9. Structural Assemblies
  10. Electro Mechanical Assemblies
  11. Tooling Composite & Metallic, Prototype and Production